You Have Static, We Have Solutions!

We are the global leader in static and contamination control. 
Static Elimination
Static Clean offers a full line of static control products and solutions for application involving explosions, operator shocks, jams, defects, dust attraction, converting, molding of all types, electrostatic discharge events in electronics, clean rooms, and many others manufacturing applications that involve friction.  The solutions involve Static Clean’s ionizing bars, blower, gun, nozzle, air knives, passive devices and engineered solutions.
Static Bonding
Static Generators provide a safe, clean and efficient method to temporarily bond two materials. Applications include in-mold labeling, edge pinning, chill roll tacking, laminating, card deck static and insertion, L-sealing on film, automated roll changeover and many others.  Products include Static Bond Power Supplies, charging bars and spot chargers for end users and OEM applications.


Web & Sheet Cleaners
The Converting Process of film, paper, foil and other substrates typically start with a wide material that is converted into a particular size that becomes a final product.  The forces of static cause particles to become attracted to the Converting process. The secondary processing involves slitting, sheeting, printing and laminating, creates particles that cause defect, downtime and poor quality.  Static Clean can help you clean up your act.
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About Static Clean

Static Clean International (SCI) is a leading supplier and manufacturer of Static Control Products in North America. Serving Industrial, Medical, and Electronic markets, our product line consists of Static Neutralizing Systems, Bars and Power Supplies, Ionizing Bench Top and Overhead Blowers, Ionizing Air Guns and Nozzles, Electrostatic Charging Equipment, Sheet/Web Cleaners, Laminar Flow Benches, Medical Cleaning Stations, Clean Room Systems and Static Control Measuring devices.




Static Clean growth rate in the Fiscal Year 2016

Static Clean grew at a 27% growth rate in the Fiscal Year 2016, that growth was across all sectors including Industrial and Medical Device

43+ Years

Serving Industrial Customers

Static Clean’s  continued commitment to new product development stepped it up a notch in 2016 into 2017.  Of special note is the new series of power supplies that were awarded patent status  and the automated medical cleaning systems that was displayed for the first time at the Medical Device and Manufacturing Show in Anaheim.  With its microprocessor controlled.  We can log into our systems to diagnose any issues on our systems  that are installed anywhere in the world.